City of Seattle Employees Can Donate To MAPS Through Automatic Payroll Deduction

MAPS is an approved 503(c) charity in the ‘Seattle Shares’ employee giving catalog. City of Seattle employees have the option to donate to MAPS or their favorite charity through automatic payroll deduction. The amount and frequency of deductions can be changed at any time by visiting the employee self service site, or filling out the donation form by clicking HERE. Employees should send their completed form through the interoffice mail to the Seattle Shares office at SMT-55-00.

MAPS is conducting FDA approved studies using MDMA as a therapy to treat veterans and first responders diagnosed with PTSD. If successful, and early results show an 83% success rate, this could be developed into a treatment program to help millions of people with PTSD.

I work with the individuals who put their l...

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Scuba Dream Job: Cirque du Soleil Professional Diver

solei_diversGetting paid to do this every day would be awesome. And since I have the flexibility of a pair of crutches, I think I’d be more at home 20 feet underwater than attempting some of the acrobatic feats of the dryer performers.

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Japan’s So-NET ISP Launches 2Gb Internet Service

Crazy fast. Japan remains liso-netght years ahead of the United States in ISP offerings. For about the same price in USD as a standard Comcast account, how does a connection that is 1000 times faster sound? The connection speed likely exceeds most home PC network cards. What an excuse to upgrade.

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Guy Writes Article On Potential BitCoin Market Crash…..Market Crashes 24 Hours Later

bitcoinBitCoin is a decentralized currency which is sort of an experiment in how to create a currency that cannot be electronically manipulated. The way they are created gives me pause, but that aside, this article theorizes how a large holder of BitCoins, such as a bank, could manipulate supply and demand to crash the market. The only thing, is that the scenario outlined in the article actually happened less than 24 hours after the article was posted.

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Testing RSS Video Embedding In WordPress

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Website Security Test