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Ronin’s First Hello To Mom


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Little Ronin Taking In The World


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Mom Holding Ronin For The First Time

05-08-06_1406.jpg While Lola was in recovery, I spent the first two hours of Ronin’s life with him. Yep, the least experienced guy in the entire hospital got to take responsibility for this most important little package. I was really glad when we were all able to hang out together.

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One Very Happy Grandma


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Made My Second Tandem Paraglider Flight Today

15-07-06_1415.jpg 15-07-06_1413.jpg

It’s been a fun week! Two flights since last Monday. After thinking it over for a few days, my friend John and I went back to Seattle Paragliding to sign up for ongoing lessons.

KING 5’s Evening Magazine crew was onsite doing a story on one of the pilots.

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