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Ronin’s Tractor Video

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Ronin Meets Another Cousin

edit: the word uncle changed to cousin in order to maintain genetic accuracy

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Chamorro Baby Knows His Island

Ronin’s new favorite app, Google Earth. Show me the opeees!! (that’s airplane in roninlanguage)

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Ronin At 18 Months

Here’s Ronin at 18 months, and my attempt at embedding a flash video player into a WordPress post!

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Ronin’s First Christmas

RoninI think Ronin enjoyed his first Christmas. He was more interested in the wrapping paper than his actual presents, but I’m sure that will change soon enough.

It was a busy day, and now our living room looks like someone set off a bomb at Baby’s-R-Us! The gifts were very much appreciated, and all the clothes he received were well timed, since he’s already wearing 9-12 month outfits. We were running out being that the little man is growing like the proverbial weed!

Pictures have been updated in the Gallery (see link at top of page).

Check em’ out!

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