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Compiling Pianobar From Source In OpenSUSE 11.4

While checking out OpenSUSE 11.4 64 bit, I had to make sure that one of my favorite apps, Pianobar, the command line client for Pandora, was up and running. After making sure I had all dependencies met which were listed in the INSTALL text file, I ran into the following error while building:

c99 -O2 -DNDEBUG -I src/libpiano -I src/libwaitress \
-I src/libezxml -DENABLE_FAAD \
-DENABLE_MAD -c -o src/main.o src/main.c
make: c99: Command not found
make: *** [src/main.o] Error 127

The problem ended up being one line in the Makefile. Near the top where the script variables are being set, I changed this:

ifeq (${CC},cc)

To this:

ifeq (${CC},cc)
CC=gcc -std=c99

I did a ‘gmake clean’ and then ‘gmake’...

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Quantum Entanglement

quantum-cryptology-7A few times per year I come across a news article or interview which blows my mind around phenomena in our world which has existed since the beginning of time itself. I saw a show on Science Channel this evening which talked about quantum entanglement, the concept being that there are situations where two atoms become related to each other, or entangled, in exactly opposite fashions. For instance, an atom that is spinning vertically, will see its partner spinning horizontally. If the first atom’s rotation is changed to a horizontal spin, the partner instantly changes to a vertical spin...

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The Bar Code Turns 57

barcode_messageSurfing Google today would have brought you to an interesting launch page, where the Google logo was replaced by a bar code. I printed off the bar code and scanned it, hoping there would be some sort of unique message, but not surprisingly, it just said ‘Google’.

Want to make your own bar codes? With the right font you can generate bar codes with numbers or ASCII characters right from a word processor application. Despite the attempt by many sites to charge for this font which appears everywhere in our daily lives, the fine folks at are giving away the basic edition for free:

Wondering what the bar code in this post says? You’ll just have to scan it to find out.

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Marketing Subversion: LED Televisions

Obviously this girl is showing us that she prefers it small.So I am flipping through a weekly insert in our local paper for Fred Meyer, and my eye catches an ad for a new Samsung 42″ LED television for a little under $2500. I’m instantly confused and perplexed, as I often am, but this time it’s because I am rather surprised that a retail outlet such as the Fred Meyer electronics department, would be one of the premier resellers for cutting edge video technology. I shop at Fred Meyer all the time, love the place, but it’s not the first store to roll off my tongue when searching for the latest electronic gadgets. Also, I’ve been waiting for OLED technology to make it’s way from Japan for several years, and expected there to be quite the fanfare when these were being shipped and….oh, wait…...

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