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The Sky Is Falling! Quick, Grab The Checkbook!

Just when I thought a $700 billion dollar Wall Street bailout plan couldn’t get any more socialistic, I was again proven wrong by our friends in Washington D.C.

By Friday, the ammended bill which easily passed in the Senate had somehow accumulated $150 billion MORE in tax cuts or other spending measures. I need to be fair, two of the three people who represent me voted no on H.R. 1424 both times, Congressman Dave Reichert and Senator Maria Cantwell. Patty Murray? Not seeing the light. Two outta three ain’t bad but I sure would have preferred the trifecta.

I saw Senator Cantwell on CSPAN2 trying to knock some sense into the House on Thursday, but they wouldn’t even consider her proposal which entailed taking an equity stake in the banks being rescued, a plan which was implemented in Sweden ...

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