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Microsoft Word 2003 ADM Template Fixed

Despite an updated Word 2003 SP3 ADM template package being released sometime around May 2007 which fixed some erroneous entries, Frank and I found another glitch.

In Word, by default you have to press CTRL+CLICK to follow a hyperlink. Turning this option off is a user preference, but our organization requested it be turned off by default. After finding the option listed in the Group Policy administrative templates, we turned the option off but in Word nothing happened. Turns out the ADM template contains an error.

In the hope that someone else doesn’t have to do the bird-dogging we did, here is the solution.

Locate the WORD11.ADM file and open it in your text editor.

Find the following entry:

POLICY "Use CTRL + Click to follow hyperlink"
PART "Check to enforce setting on; uncheck to e...

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